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**************************** UPDATE 26/06/2017 ********************************

The FSM eligibility survey tool is now available following the completion of the periodic check of all pupils eligibility on 22nd and 23rd June.

New reports with the results of the periodic check will be published on Perspective Lite on Tuesday 27th June.

We request that all schools carry out a thorough check of all entries on their FSM eligibility reports.

Process for re-checking pupils following the periodic check:

1 – mark the pupil record for recheck in the survey on LCC Data Exchange (Secure Forms)  – please note you must go through all screens making sure pupil and parent details are correct and click submit at the end to trigger the overnight check.

2 – check the eligibility report on Perspective Lite on the morning after submitting the recheck - if you still believe the eligibility result is wrong, you can request a manual re-check via the CSC

3 – contact the CSC on 01522 782030 and request a manual recheck of FSM eligibility, you will be asked for all the usual details, plus the address of the parent(s) – the CSC then pass this information securely to the FSM team who call HMRC to get a re-check done.

4 – check your FSM eligibility report the morning after asking for a manual re-check – there should be a comment in the notes comment of the report concerning the result.

Please do not submit an automatic re-check and a request for manual check on the same day as the results may conflict.

Other queries concerning errors with the process can be addressed to the Free School Meals or School Census teams; but please do not put any pupil specific details in standard e-mail as it is not considered secure enough under DPA.

If you need to discuss pupil specific details, e-mail the relevant team and ask for a call back to discuss the details.




We would like to reiterate that all schools should continue to encourage all parents to complete the FSM registration form, for schools to maximise their pupil premium funding and to ensure that as many children and young people as possible have access to a healthy and nutritious school meal. We also recommend that schools update their websites and prospectuses to reflect the current FSM checking process and make registration forms easily accessible to parents.

If a parent believes they are eligible for free school meals we would advise that the school contacts the Customer Service Centre on (01522) 782030 for a manual recheck.  This will enable more complex eligibility queries to be checked with the relevant Government departments.


Please note, if you have already entered information and it appears to not be there any more (the percentage is at zero/”not yet started”), it is still there in the pupil records if you open them.

Access the form here: https://lccdataexchange.lincolnshire.gov.uk/log-in-to-secure-forms

Guidance is available here


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