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Performance Services subscription service to Lincolnshire Schools 2017/18 academic year

Feedback from schools has demonstrated that the support and intelligence that we provide is a valued resource, and widely used to support Self-Evaluation and set School Improvement Priorities. Our Team has a wealth of experience in statistical analysis and how this is applied to measuring school performance.  We work closely with our colleagues in the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership to ensure that our products reflect the changing world of Education.

We have again refined our offer to schools for the 2017/18 academic year resulting in what we believe to be a fairer pricing structure which helps support smaller schools in the challenging financial climate as well as ensuring that our offer is cost effective, value for money and sustainable.  The offer to schools ensures continuity of access to vital tools to support school self-evaluation and future planning for senior leaders and Governors alike. As in previous years we will continue to provide guidance and support for statutory data returns.  We are also committed to providing a single communication tool for sharing data, reports, safeguarding bulletins, LA news bulletins and Performance Services bulletins through Perspective Lite.


All Schools…

All Schools will continue to receive a service free of charge which consists of:

  • Access to guidance materials for statutory returns
  • Monthly Performance Services newsletter
  • Checking files for statutory returns such as Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, KS1 Teacher Assessment and Y1 & Y2 Phonics.
  • Access to a basic version of Perspective Lite


Subscription Services…

Performance Services offers a full subscription service to all schools which includes three main elements:

  1. Access to our own Performance Services reports (including access to reports in Perspective Lite)
  2. FFT Aspire
  3. Performance Services bespoke training and support



The benefits that your establishment will get from our team include:

  • Support in monitoring the performance of your establishment, outcomes for pupils and quality of your provision.
  • Demonstrate during Ofsted inspections that your establishment has accurate performance information for current pupils across year groups and previous cohorts.
  • Support you to analyse other evidence required on Ofsted Inspections on progress, attainment, attendance and exclusion to evaluate overall consistency in performance, trends of improvement or decline, and differences between pupil groups.
  • Demonstrate to Ofsted the robustness and accuracy of the school’s self-evaluation or equivalent, particularly about pupils’ outcomes, teaching, learning and assessment and pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare.
  • Insight in to external factors to help facilitate planning such as pupil number projections and pupil proximity data that cannot be obtained elsewhere.



Element 1 - Reports

What you get:

  • EYFSP Annual Report (Primary schools only)
  • Primary Standards Report (Primary schools only)
  • Secondary Standards Report (Secondary schools only)
  • Termly and annual attendance reports
  • Pupil Number Projections
  • School Profile Report
  • Pupil Proximity Report

All schools get a basic view of Perspective Lite. However, if you subscribe to the Performance Services reports you will receive enhanced access which includes:

  • A suite of reports for early analysis of attainment data
  • Comparators with National and LA

What you pay:

School PhasePer Pupil CostPerspective LiteTotal Cost Capped at
Infant / Junior£0.93£100£500

*Please note all schools are subject to a minimum charge of £150 per school.

Note: If you would like to upgrade to the full version of Perspective we can put you in contact with Angel Solutions to talk to them directly.  The additional modules available in the full version are listed below:

  • Effective Self Evaluation - Self review quickly and robustly. Easily benchmark against areas of the inspection process.
  • Planning & Monitoring - Create targets to impact on specific areas. Assigned to a person, tracked & linked to an overall picture.
  • Document Management - Secure, centralised storage for your documents & evidence. Link them directly to a review area.
  • Stakeholder Surveys - Issued and completed on-line with results visible in a live report with graphs and charts.
  • Performance Management - Everything you need for a review/appraisal. Make decisions about Performance Related Pay.
  • Lesson Observations - Your own templates to record observations. Analyse the results to identify priorities.
  • Professional Standards - Staff self-assess against customisable professional standards, identifying strengths and weakness.
  • Real-time Reports - Development plans, SEFs, CPD logs, observations analysis, professional standards skills maps & more.
  • Watchsted Inspectors - See each lead inspector’s inspections, summaries of main findings, recommendations & more.

Element 2 - FFT Aspire

What you get:

Access to the following modules:

Student Explorer

  • Pupil details- Including opportunities and alerts, prior attainment, attendance and history of school moves
  • Pupil Summary– Individual pupil report detailing pupil context, alerts and opportunities, turbulence factors, attainment, achievement and attendance tracking summary.
  • Term Tracker– Individual pupil school history report

Self-Evaluation Reports

  • Overview – School level attainment and value added progress, comparison to National performance and listings of your schools higher and lower performing groups.
  • Attainment and progress – School level 3 year trends in attainment and value added progress.
  • Pupil Groups and Subjects – Attainment and progress by pupil groups and subject areas
  • Pupils – Pupil level prior attainment and progress summary
  • Context – School make-up in relation to national context including pupil groups, absence and persistent absence

Target Setting

  • Overview – FFT Aspire benchmark estimates and a summary your key stage assessment year pupils
  • Pupil Groups- FFT Aspire benchmark estimates and a summary your key stage assessment year pupils by pupil group
  • Pupils – Target setting module with the ability to set the level of challenge per pupil based on prior attainment, opportunities and alerts and teacher knowledge.


  • Ability to group schools in sector led clusters, federations, academy chains allowing schools within these groups to view each other’s FFT Aspire reports.

You will also get

  • Governor Dashboards
  • The ability to transfer in of pupil results and estimates when they make the transition from Infant to Junior, Primary to Secondary and School to Sixth Form or in year entry
  • Support from the Performance Services team to resolve any issues with access to FFT Aspire.

New for 2017/18

  • Scatterplots– Ability to quickly analyse your weaker / stronger performing pupils and pupil groups
  • Pupil Data Management – The ability to remove specific pupils from a pupil report list by deselecting them on screen.  All subsequent self-evaluation reports will then include the selected pupils only
  • Favourites and My Reports – The ability to save your customised reports and share them with the rest of your school.
  • Pupil Premium Report – A new report that allows quick and easy evaluation of pupil premium groups within your school

What you pay:

For the 2017/18 academic year FFT have radically changed the way they charge schools for buying FFT direct, moving away from a fixed price model to one based on pupil numbers at your school.  This means that whilst smaller schools benefit significantly, larger schools will find their costs being significantly higher than in previous years. As such, LCC Performance Services are offering a discount of 40% on the per pupil cost of subscribing direct with FFT in order that you still receive a value for money service.

School PhasePer Pupil CostBase Cost per School
Secondary and All-through£0.57£500


Element 3 - Additional Training and Support days

We are offering a support service to all schools irrespective of which elements you subscribe to as part of the offer to schools.  Support could include but is not limited to, bespoke presentations, training for staff or governors or bespoke data analysis.  It may also be possible for multiple schools to come together for such a session if they are acting in federation or another partnership arrangement.  

What you get:

The content of each session will be determined through negotiation between LCC Performance Services and the body originating the request on an ad-hoc basis.  All services delivered by LCC Performance Services will be logged on Perspective Lite so that you will have full visibility of any additional day’s support that has been planned and delivered. You will be able to access this service throughout the 2017/18 academic year as needs arise by contacting

What you pay:

£180 for a half day or twilight session

£360 for a full day


Each school should have received an email with a letter attached detailing the costs. This letter is also available for each school to download from their Perspective Lite Documents Pool via the following folder path: LA Documents>Performance Services>General Files>2017-2018>Performance Services Subscription Offer Letter.

If you wish to subscribe to any of the services on offer for the 2017/18 academic year please email PM Admin

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