School Census Duplicate Resolution

In order that schools are not over or under funded as a result of the School Census, duplicates across the country are identified for resolution. This page explains the process and associated reports required to assist schools in resolving any duplicates, ensuring that accurate funding is available.

As part of the School Census data cleaning process you may be contacted by the Local Authority in the cases where there is:

  • A duplicate between the Maintained School and another Maintained School;
  • A duplicate between the Maintained School and an Academy School.

The Local Authority will determine, by discussions with both schools, the correct registration and/or correct UPN of ON and OFF roll pupils. If this is not resolved then the DfE will divide the funding between all the schools.

In order for the duplicate to be resolved any changes will need to be made to your MIS (Management Information System) and then a new Census file created to be uploaded to COLLECT.

Any Duplicates between Academy Schools will need resolving directly Academy to Academy as the LA does not have access to this data.

As in previous census collections there are 3 Duplicate Reports which are available for LAs and Schools to run in COLLECT and a separate guidance document is available for each report. These reports are:
(i) Duplicate Report - Same UPN (Duplicate UPN Report Guidance.pdf)
(ii) Duplicate Report - Same Person Different UPN (Same Person Different UPN Duplicate Guidance.pdf)
(iii) Duplicate Report - 2,3 and 4 yr olds (Duplicate UPN 2 to 4yr olds Report Guidance.pdf)

Please read these guidance documents to familiarise yourself with the purpose and content of each of the reports but, for the purposes of Dedicated Schools Grant funding, please note that ‘Duplicate Report - Same UPN’ is the most important of the 3 reports as all duplicate UPNs must be resolved - failure to resolve duplicate UPNs will have an impact on funding allocations.

As part of the guidance for these reports the DfE will be insisting that it is only Academies, CTCs and NMSS who are responsible for resolving their own duplicates and all duplicates with LA maintained schools should continue to be resolved via the LA (i.e. LA maintained schools should not be contacted directly by other schools and LAs regarding duplicate pupils).

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind Schools that identifiable pupil level data should NOT be included in any emails between Schools, the Local Authority or Department for Education.

For further information on secure transfer of data please visit our Data Protection pages.

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