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The Department for Education recently announced that from September 2016, there will be a mandatory legal duty for all schools and local authorities to report children missing education (CME). The link to this document is

The additional responsibility, is that all schools must inform the local authority when they intend to remove or add a child to their admissions register under the fifteen regulations listed in the revised document.

To support schools to fulfil their duty to report, we have introduced two new processes:

·         Annual school admission and school population year group migration

At the beginning and end of each academic year, schools will be sent pre-populated lists of children and asked to confirm whether the child is on roll. This will allow the local authority to match children with provision and identify those who are children missing education. You will receive further information on this process in the near future.


·         Adding and removing pupils from school roll.

From 1st January, schools will be expected to notify the local authority of any children they are adding or removing from their school roll by completing an online survey called Notification of Roll Changes and Children Missing Education. This does not apply to children at standard transition points. All schools must notify the local authority within 5 days of adding a pupil’s name to the admissions register. When removing a child’s name from the admission register, schools must make all reasonable enquiries to establish the child’s destination.

We are requiring a comprehensive list of children on roll and the schools they attend. We are therefore asking schools to complete the School Roll Template with your school roll as at 1st January and upload to your Secure Area, see the attched instructions.

·         Children Missing Education

From 1st January, schools will be expected to notify the local authority of all children missing education (CME) through the survey. The CME process will then be followed and at the point when the local authority and school jointly decide that the whereabouts of the child cannot be ascertained, the school must use the survey to notify the local authority that they are removing the child from roll under Grounds 8(1) f (the pupil has failed to attend the school within the 10 days immediately following the expiry of the period for which leave was authorised) or Grounds 8(1) h (the pupil has been continuously absent from the school for an unauthorised period of not less than 20 school days).


The link to the survey is

You will require your data exchange user name and password to log in to the survey. If you do not have these, please contact the Education Business Support on 01522 555040.

If you have any questions regarding the information in this letter, please contact the Education Business Support on the number above.

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