Post 16 Participation

The Post 16 participation team

Supporting young people to manage their career decisions

  • Teeninfolincs - This is a Children’s Services website for Lincolnshire young people aged 13-19 (or up to 25 for those with a learning difficulty or disability).
  • It provides useful information about various subjects that young people and schools can access, including education, careers and volunteering.
  • Support with applications for further and higher education, employment and training apprenticeships and referrals and signposting to 6th forms, colleges and training and foundation learning providers. Provision for young people (post statutory education) who are not in learning.

Manage and report on data held within our CCIS (Client Caseload Information System).

  • This is where data supplied by schools, colleges and other area providers is stored.
  • We also gather information about other circumstances from areas within the authority. This is through trackers, midwifes, the youth offending service and the SEND team.
  • We have a statutory duty to report on the participation of post 16 clients. This is in the form of Monthly Returns to the Department for Education

Data Collections - Please go to the Data Collections page for further details and guidance.

  • Destinations - This states the destinations of all post 16 clients for current pupils on roll for years 12 and above.
  • Intended Destinations - This return states where year 11 students at a provider are planning to go once they have completed statutory education.
  • September Guarantee - This return confirms all people of year 11 or year 12 ages are offered a place in education, employment or training for the upcoming month of September.
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