Less Than 25 Hours

Important Update - The Less Than 25 Hours notification process has changed.

The notification form has been added to the Roll Changes and Child Missing Education notification system. A notification will need to be made each time a child either starts or ends a period of accessing less than 25 hours of education a week. To help schools keep a track of notifications made and their pupils currently known to be accessing less than 25 hours a new report has been added to Perspective Lite which details the notifications made in the last 14 days and a list of pupils currently access less than 25 hours education. The report is named “CSPA 748 School Notifications”.



The Local Authority (LA) has a legal duty to ensure that Lincolnshire children have access to efficient full-time education, appropriate to their age, ability and aptitude and any special educational needs that he or she may have. The LA therefore has an important role to play in monitoring this provision and particularly where any young person is not receiving their full legal entitlement. Several large-scale studies point to the fact that the legislation around part-time/reduced timetables is not understood as well as it should be. Also in light of recent child abuse enquiries and concerns about what happened to vulnerable young people when they should have been in school, Ofsted is now focussing closely on this issue.  Establishing the identities of children who are not in receipt of their full-time entitlement is therefore a priority for all concerned and is an important step in ensuring that they are kept safe from harm. The safety of young people in our schools is paramount.

All Lincolnshire schools and academies must therefore ensure that robust processes and procedures are in place where a child is not in receipt of their full legal entitlement and must inform the LA of the name of the pupil together with details of the provision for monitoring and tracking purposes.

This information must be recorded through the Lincolnshire County Council Data Exchange, which is a secure website, using the Less Than 25 Hours Survey.

A copy of Lincolnshire County Council’s Reduced Timetable Guidance which provides detailed information in relation to relevant legislation and LCC protocols can be downloaded from this site. This document has also been emailed separately to Head teachers and Governing Bodies in order raise awareness and emphasize the  importance of collating this data.

The Pupil Reintegration Team will monitor and review the data from the survey and will be contacting schools directly where nil returns have not been completed or where further clarification is required on the information submitted. 


Should you have any queries in relation to completion of the survey please contact Pupil Reintegration Officers Tracey Robinson on 01522 553318 or Carol Duncan on 01522 553510 or email PRT@lincolnshire.gov.uk

For technical help with the online forms please contact Tom Burkitt at Iccdataexchange@lincolnshire.gov.uk


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