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To amend your Key Contact information, fill in the details in the School Key Contacts Amendments Form.

Lincolnshire County Council Performance Services Team collate a Key Contacts list for all schools.

The list will help to identify roles of staff in your school e.g. Exam Officer and School Census Officer.

This will help the council and schools communicate more effectively and efficiently and will also, we hope, be of use within schools.

To make a success of this, your help is imperative.


In order to assist us, please check and update the Key Contacts for your school using the following procedure:

1) Log on to your Perspective Lite account using the following link:

2) Download your schools contact list:

a - Click on your homepage button and select “View the latest LA documents” OR Click on “Documents” > “Performance Services” > “General Files” > “2017-2018” > “School Notification Process”

b - There will be a single folder here with a recent date on it that appears as “YYYY-MM-DD”

c - The Key Contacts List is part of a daily report which will appear as a PDF named “CSPA 746 School Notifications”

3) Check your school contacts

4) Complete a “Contact change form” to instruct us of any required amendments. Guidance on how to do this can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of this webpage.

5) We need to make sure the list is kept up to date, so please notify us throughout the term of any changes using the form.

6) At the beginning of each term we will send you a reminder to check your list and ask that you complete the amendments form with any required changes.


The School Key Contacts Amendments Form can be found at the following location –


The amendments form will be permanently available allowing changes to be made at any time.

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