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FFT Aspire is a data tool for schools and LAs (replacing FFT Live) and provides schools with a broader and richer set of data using the latest curriculum and accountability measures. 

At the same time, Aspire will be easier to use, presenting complex school performance data, target setting and bench marking information in a visual way which can be easily understood and interpreted by all teachers, governors and school leaders, allowing insightful self-evaluation, and in-depth preparation for Ofsted inspections.

Reports are available at all Key Stages (KS1 to KS5 – Subject to the release schedules) and are designed for a wide range of users – including teachers, subject leaders, department heads, senior school leaders, advisers, LAs and Academy sponsors/chains as part of the Collaboration feature

The Downloads tab of this webpage contains some basic help files supplied by FFT for use with the FFT Aspire system.

Some people are experiencing issues when trying to login to FFT Aspire with admin accounts.  Please note: there are two separate login pages for FFT Aspire as FFT have split the administration and user roles on the software.

For admin accounts

For user accounts

If you experience any issues with FFT Aspire please contact the School Performance Data Team


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