Ethnic Minority and Traveller Education Team

Our Ethnic Minority and Traveller Education Team (EMTET) officers have a wealth of experience of working with families who have different languages, cultures and lifestyles. We will support you to work with ethnic minority families, those with English as an additional language and Traveller families and help you to provide the right support to enable the children to engage and achieve.

Supporting children with English as an additional language and engaging with their families is a key focus for Ofsted visits as is the school’s commitment to community cohesion, teaching British values and safeguarding vulnerable children.

Service description

We offer a range of services including:

  • Individual child support
  • Improving parental engagement
  • School readiness - supporting transition
  • Language and access to the curriculum
  • Specialist English as an additional language support
  • Staff training
  • Guidance for GCSE/A level in home languages
  • Attendance at TAC, CIN, CP and EHCP meetings
  • Workshops for all children (currently offering Learning in Another Language and Diversity Traveller Awareness)
  • Initiatives within school to address community cohesion, diversity and cultural awareness
  • Links with ethnic minority and Traveller communities through (eg supplementary schools and bilingual supporters)

We speak a range of languages and have access to bilingual community supporters. We also have many years of experience of working with Traveller families. There are two levels of expertise in the team, officer and trainer/consultant.

All schools are able to access support via the referral process into the service. All referrals are allocated individually to the member of staff with the most relevant expertise. Our team receives regular supervision on their cases to ensure progress is made effectively, efficiently and timely. Schools are also kept informed and consulted with on the outcomes. We are always available on the phone or email to answer your ad hoc enquiries.

Bespoke packages are also available to schools as well as a range of workshops for children and young people.

Our officers work with a range of teams across children’s services and external providers to ensure they reach the best outcome for the child and family.


The services are available during term time responses are provided within five working days.

Length of the services will be discussed at the time of purchase (there is a minimum purchase of ½ day support).

Workshops are one hour long and two can be delivered in the minimum half-day allocation.


We constantly research and attend national training and conferences to keep our knowledge current and to pass on creative solutions to schools.

We contribute to helping schools to meet their equality duty in relation to race and ethnicity and help to improve relationships with their new and/or harder to reach families and communities.

We help schools address non-attendance, potential exclusions and racism as examples.

We are increasingly working with schools to support EAL and Traveller children with additional needs through a holistic approach, including providing guidance and strategies to schools, advice to families and liaising with other services.

Requesting Support / Workshops / Advice & Reporting Racist Incidents

To request support, workshops, advice or to report a racist incident please complete the EMTET Survey

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