Disability Access Fund (DAF)

If you are providing DAF for a child, and you have been nominated by the parents to receive the funding, you will need to upload a copy of their Disability Living Allowance certificate to the Secure Area of Data Exchange at the time of the Early Years Census.

Providers must have the parent’s permission to upload the child’s DLA certificate.


To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Take a copy of the Disability Living Allowance certificate and save it onto your computer
  2. Click here  to log in to Secure Area
  3. Log in to the Secure Area using your username, password, and organisation ID.
  4. In the top-left of the screen there will be a drop-down menu. From this, select “File Upload” and click “Go”.
  5. On the following page, select “Choose File” and navigate to the scanned Disability Living Allowance Certificate.
  6. Once selected, click “Upload File”
  7. Return to the Early Years Census Survey and tick the box to say this file has been uploaded.

This uploads the document to a secure area where the Early Years Census Team will access and verify the child’s eligibility. PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL THIS DOCUMENT.


What is DAF?

The government has announced increased support for children with disabilities through the introduction of a Disability Access Fund (DAF), this fund will provide £615 per year for every eligible child.  Claiming for this funding will require evidencing via a copy of the child’s Disability Living Allowance certificate (DLA).  Please ensure that the copy of the DLA certificate you upload is issued in respect of the Child and that the end date has not passed.


In the case where the child is accessing multiple Early Years settings, the parents must nominate which setting is to be the recipient of the funding. This funding is paid once a year and remains with the nominated provider for that year, even in the situation where the child leaves the setting.


Flow Chart 1 EY Process


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