Alternative Provision Census

We will keep you posted of any updates either via email or here on Data Exchange.

The date for the next AP Census is Thursday 15th January 2015

You need to ensure that we receive your Census uploaded to the secure area of Data Exchange by the deadline of Thursday 29th January 2015.

The download tab of this page provides guidance for the data providers of the Alternative Provision Census

The process of collection is by template spreadsheets that will uploaded to the Secure Area of the Data Providers Data Exchange page w/c 12th January 2015. The templates will need to be populated by the Data Providers and re-uploaded to the Secure Area of Data Exchange by the deadline above.


The 2015 AP Census is a mandatory data collection from LAs of all school age pupils attending:
- A school not maintained by a LA for whom the authority is paying full tuition fees; or
- Educated otherwise than in schools and pupil referral units, under arrangements made (and funded) by the LA.

The overriding criterion for inclusion in the AP Census is that it is for pupils for whom an English LA has a financial responsibility and is not picked up by any of the following data collections:

  • School Census
  • Pupil Referral Units Census
  • School Level Annual School Census (SLASC) for maintained General Hospital schools
  • Early Years Census

Head Teachers Declaration of Accuracy emails will be sent out once we have Approved your return.


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